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We build your online shop on a flexible, modular platform. Do you have your own inventory or do you act as a drop shipper? Ecommerce professionals

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We build your online shop on a flexible, modular platform. Do you have your own inventory or do you act as a "drop shipper"? We have the right solutions for you.

If you want to sell successfully, you have to know how to enchant your customers - with a particularly attractive online shop, outstanding advertising or simply the feeling of closing a previous gap in your life by purchasing the product or using the service.

Much depends on this magic in e-commerce as well. Before we buy in an online shop, we have checked it countless times, consciously and unconsciously, for seriousness, address and presentation - after all, we don't want to buy just anywhere!

From fast loading times, a harmonious design and an appealing product presentation to the descriptive texts to payment options, shipping costs and reviews, we expect professionalism and that certain something extra at all levels. Anyone who is just setting up their online shop can quickly be put off by these requirements.

We know this problem and the user expectations. As we create your online shop, we ask ourselves at every step: how would this feature, this image or this text appear to us if we were dealing with this shop for the first time? What changes in the overall impression if we move element B in front of element A? What is the overall statement of the online shop? We are only satisfied with our work when we have a positive gut feeling at every step of the sales process.

"Our promise: We will only hand over your new online shop to you if we would buy there ourselves."

This is how we put your online shop on the road to success

An easy and intuitive web shop software is the basis when we create an e-commerce shop. Of course, we will introduce you to the handling of your new online shop after the work is done.

But that's not all: We know that every business owner attaches importance to different aspects, because the company's online shop is another part of the corporate identity. That's why we implement your shop on a modular platform. This means that you can order certain features (= modules) as you wish - for example your own merchandise management system, a shipping cost calculator or a preview function for individually designed products.

We also have the right modules for drop shippers. Contact us and present your project to us! We will give you an open assessment of your options.

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